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Facility Management

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We offer integrated facility management and preventive-maintenance solutions via highly qualified engineers and efficient technologies. Our aim is to facilitate smooth operations of your property and to provide tenants with a safe living and working environment.

Soft Services

  • Concierge: Tasked with keeping track of all records and relevant files – including building blueprints, system and equipment warranties, commissioning reports and maintenance manuals.

  • Waste management: Responsible for the daily collection of garbage from receptacles throughout common areas and managing its disposal in accordance with municipality and community regulations.

  • Health club and swimming pool management: Provides maintenance and monitoring services for the gymnasium, swimming pool, steam, sauna facilities kids play area and other amenities.

  • Cleaning and housekeeping Services: Manages the routine upkeep of all community facilities, which includes dusting, glass cleaning, storage maintenance and exterior power washing.

  • Pest Control: Ensures that communities are free of insects, rodents, and other pests by performing regularly scheduled control treatments.

  • Gardening landscaping: Provides highly experienced care for both indoor and outdoor foliage, such as maintaining plants in common areas, trimming lawns, hedges and trees.

Hard Services

  • HVAC system: Maintaining heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning systems in the buildings, including heavy equipment such as refrigerants, one of the largest consumers of energy. All related equipment and systems, including channels, fans, insulation, electrical wiring, and bearings, are regularly examined through frequent maintenance.

  • Electrical systems: Electrical systems including maintaining generators, emergency lighting, central battery and balancing the voltages,. Generators, transformers, and circuit breakers are regularly checked to ensure safety. Frequent maintenance also includes checking electricity outlet, electric current protection, generators and lighting systems to ensure the structural and internal stability.

  • Plumbing system: Deal with plumbing works covering all residential and commercial plumbing requirements. We have specialized technicians for installation of bathroom fixtures, plumbing accessories, heating element, rectification, and layout of drainage lines, able to identify water leakage and provide immediate solution to upkeep the property.

Specialized Services

  • Fire fighting and fire alarm system.-    

  • Lift systems.

  • Low current systems (gate barrier, access control/sliding door).

  • Building management system.

  • Generator maintenance.

  • Water tank cleaning.

  • Cradle maintenance.

  • Façade cleaning.


  • Visual and technical inspection of properties of various use classes to identify existing civil and technical defects (mechanical, plumbing, electrical, air conditioning etc.). We also estimate the cost of rectifying the identified defects and hence providing a comprehensive snagging report.


This is your worthy investment, choose worthy property professionals to look after it!



Sh. Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan Road,

P.O. Box 17

800 - (37663)

Mon - Friday: 08:00 - 17:00

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